My Coach Sue Rodrigues

Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Programs

Health Challenges and Rewards Programs
Coach Sue has had over a decade of experience customizing challenges to meet the unique needs of each participating population.
She has experience with nationwide, company wide, and cross company health challenges.
Reach out to discuss what you’d like to accomplish with your group’s health challenge.
Health Education

Webinars or group talks on various topics that educate and empower participants to take steps to move forward in many areas in their health.

Speaking Topics
  • Positivity and Mindfulness
  • Creating Happiness Rituals
  • Developing Habits of a Healthy Lifestyle
Health Coaching
For individuals in your organization that need some extra TLC.
Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Employee Benefits:
      Improved health, improved morale, improved work/life balance, positive work environment
  • Company Benefits:
      less sick days, lower insurance cost, happier employees, increased productivity